Episode 01

How AI might impact Design

With Livia Eichenberger and Stehpan Müller

As a creative agency, we want to find the link between artificial intelligence and design. How will AI influence design processes in the future? What opportunities arise? What challenges can be expected?

Episode 02

User Experience - Beyond the look

With Milan Vukelić

We dive deeper into the topic of UX and analyze its processes, the role of a UX designer, and explain how UX can influence business procedures. Also, we address the question of homogenization. Do all web pages start looking the same? Get ready for a vivid discussion!

Episode 03

Innovators at work - Entrepreneurship à la Cleverclip

With Carlo Badini

Cleverclip founder and owner Carlo Badini shares his entrepreneurial expertise with us and provides some insights into the Cleverclip business processes. An exciting discussion combining both business know-how and personal stories of an entrepreneur at heart.

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Jonathan Tilley, our Host


"CCTalks" is a Cleverclip podcast initiative explaining selected topics within the business and design industry. Expect an engaging and valuable conversation with great expertise by both, our invited expert and host speaker.